Throughout the year there are various historical events in traditional costumes to commemorate activities from the past.
In the months of June and July, it is possible to attend the artistic events of the Spoleto Festival (dance, music, theater, opera) and in September and October, the operas of the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale and the Umbria Jazz program.


A network of scenic trails, including several marked by the Italian Alpine Club, allow trekkers to visit the area, rich in historical sites and natural beauty.


For those who enjoy cycling, whether it be the expert or the beginner, bicycles of all types are available for your use (racing, mountain bikes, tandems). Upon request guided tours can be organized for one or more days complete with support vehicles.

Private Swimming Pool

Amongst the antique olives groves, there is a swimming pool for those who like to swim which offers a beautiful panorama and the perfect opportunity to sunbathe.